Our History

Judith Rappold, owner of Business Resources out of Austin Texas and a leader in the field of Mystery Shopping mentored individuals interested in entering the field of Mystery Shopping. Judith authored books and offered instruction on how to become a mystery shopper in addition to advising how to start your own mystery shopping company.

Judith Rappold and those she mentored identified a need of getting together as a group to assist each other in our varied states of business development. The goal was to help each other achieve success by sharing information each of us had learned and experienced.

IASE Group

We are committed to improve the quality of the customer service and sales experience

We are committed to mentor all within our association to help each other in achieving their goals and dreams

We are committed to work with our clients in maintaining their current client base and increasing their market share

We are committed to Excellence!

1995 was the first informal gathering of the independent Mystery Shopping Companies Judith had mentored.  Our first meeting took place in Nashville Tennessee and included companies from Canada, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, and New Mexico.

Annual meetings took place as we welcomed more independent shopping companies to our group including Hungary, Romania, and the Soviet Union.

2005 marked the Official Ten Year Anniversary of our organization with our conference taking place in Toronto Canada.  The International Association of Service Evaluators truly demonstrated our International flare as we had members attending from Canada and Hungary.

Over the course of the years we have held our conferences in Hungary, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Ohio, Missouri, and Texas.

2013 Fall Conference in San Antonio Texas.  We had several guest speakers that educated us, motivated us, and made us enjoy the many benefits of our association.  We continue to be committed to improve the quality of the customer service and sales experience.  

2015 We continue to be committed to improve the quality of the customer service and sales experience.  Check back frequently to see what plans we have for the coming year.

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