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We are scheduling our 2017 Conference in Denver Colorado 9/19/17 - 9/22/17.

Message from the President
October 2016


In the past year, there have been many changes in the Mystery Shopping Industry.  One of the changes that we have seen is the contraction of the pool of mystery shoppers.  There are probably many reasons for this, but one large reason is that Mystery Shopping companies give priority to shoppers that they have experience with, excluding "new" shoppers.  Although this is totally understandable, if we don't give assignments to "new" mystery shoppers, they never get to become "experienced" shoppers..  I am working to change this.

Based upon feedback from Members, we have added a forum, which is available to all members, which can be accessed here.

We are always looking at options for increasing our membership.

If you are a mystery shopping company, or your company provides services to mystery shopping companies(what we call an "associate"), and you would like to receive periodic communications from the IASE, including receiving our newsletters, you can register here.

Matt Corrow: Mystery Shopping Solutions

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